Make A Difference Christmas

Make A Difference Christmas

Make A Difference Christmas

This year, we have the opportunity to “adopt” two families for Christmas. One family has
three pre-teen children and the other has a 7 year old and a baby girl.
Rockville Centre resident Ann Heaphy-Turner has located these families for us through
her involvement in the Make A Difference Christmas effort. The families live right here in

The Make A Difference Christmas organization tries to provide a coat, hat, gloves,
socks and underwear, pajamas and an outfit or two for each child. I was told that
children who have received clothing gifts in the past through Make A Difference
Christmas were very excited to wear their new items to school after the holidays. Our
list also includes some fun “wish” items for each child. Although Make A Difference
Christmas wasn’t able to give me information about the parents, I added a gift card for
each family to our list.

If you would like to participate, there is a bulletin board in the parlor with lists of items for each child as well as sizes and favorite colors. Take the label for any gift you wish to purchase and remember to put your name and phone number in the space beneath so that we can keep track of who is buying which items.

We have until December 14 to purchase and return our gifts to St. Mark’s so that they can be organized and delivered to Mrs. Turner who will make sure they get to the families in time for Christmas.

Please see Donna Kraus Santora if you have questions or would like to help with organizing this project.

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