Pastor’s Easter Greeting


Dear Friends,

When I was a boy my mom would hide our Easter eggs around our property, so that we could hunt for these brightly colored eggs among the shrubbery and stones that were scattered around our yard.

Days before, we would boil the eggs and sit around the kitchen table dying and drying these eggs. Once dried, they would be placed in the refrigerator until Easter morning, when my brother Dave and I would rush around with our Easter baskets seeking to find every last egg.

For a young child, it was always challenging to find every egg that was hidden behind every bush or under every tree. Though my brother and I would always do our best, occasionally we would miss an egg or two only to eventually discover their locations by the smell. Today, of course, the eggs are often plastic and filled with candy and the consequences of leaving an egg out in the sun is not so severe.

There is something to the idea, however, of perishable Easter eggs. Historically, the egg is recognized as a symbol of new life. By hiding this symbol in various places around our world, we seem to be saying that God has placed opportunities for life all around us. Moreover, it is our task to seek out these beautiful opportunities before they spoil and disappear. I like this better than hiding plastic eggs and prepackaged candy. These hard boiled eggs are eggs of fragile and temporary beauty. With their brightly colored shells, they announced themselves to the world. For these eggs want to be found, precisely because they do not last. You must find me, they say, and collect me in your basket, before I am gone.

I wish I lived every day like it was Easter, realizing that God has placed new life all around me, and that every day is filled with new joyful opportunities to celebrate life. How about you? Do you seek out the opportunities hidden around you? Or do you leave them to spoil? Are you constantly looking and believing that God has strategically placed life giving opportunities for you? Do you approach your life, like a child eagerly seeking some new surprise? Do you see the beauty of the brightly colored eggs hidden in the background of everyday life? They are there and have been placed there for you by a God who loves and watches over you, like a parent on Easter morning.

I will see you this Sunday.

Love, Pastor Bob
Rev. Robert Grimm
St. Mark’s U.M.C.
Rockville Centre, NY 11570

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